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        Pure C Light (semi-light) Emulsion Paint

        Pure C Light (semi-light) Emulsion Paint


        Pure C Light (semi-light) Emulsion Paint
        1. Product characteristics.
        Made of high quality pure acrylic emulsion and various imported color fillers and additives. The unique advanced formulation process makes the paint color gorgeous soft and delicate, super coverage and adhesion, excellent waterproof and alkali resistance, anti-UV, good leveling and fast drying.
        2. Usage instructions.
        (1) Uses.
        Suitable for all kinds of high-grade hotels, apartments, office buildings, residential and all kinds of building decoration and maintenance of the external wall.
        Construction requirements.
        The state in the container: no hard lumps after mixing is uniform
        Constructability: no obstruction after brushing for two coats
        Low temperature stability: no deterioration
        Drying time (surface drying): ≤2h
        Appearance of coating film: normal
        Contrast ratio (white and light color): ≥0.87
        Water resistance: 96h without abnormality
        Alkali resistance: 48h without abnormality
        Scrub resistance: ≥500 times
        Artificial climate aging resistance: 250h without blistering or flaking without cracking
        Chalking: ≤1 grade
        Color change: ≤2 grade
        Stain resistance (white and light color): ≤20%
        Coating temperature resistance (5 cycles): no abnormality
        Theoretical paint volume: 5~6m2/kg
        Dilution: water.
        The data in this instruction is obtained in the laboratory, and the actual measured data may be slightly different due to environmental changes during actual use. If the above data is changed, the latest manual of the company shall prevail without notice.

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